Sadhak Anshit Discourse – Secret of the Soul

Sadhak Anshit 


If the body starts releasing the amount of the nervous system, then the experience of death is like this. The basis of this theory or conclusion is that consciousness acts as a program for quantum computers in the brain. This consciousness remains intact in the universe even after death. Indian Sadhak Anshit ji has worked in this direction
According to the experiment and research studies, the structures formed within the brain cells produce the soul, which is called the microotube. Scientists designated this theory as the Archextrade objective reduction (arc-side). According to this principle, our soul is more extensive than the connection between the neuron in the brain. The soul lives in this way in the body, in fact, the universe was formed from the same fibers. After this conclusion, the belief of Indian philosophy or yoga spirituality has gained tremendous power that the consciousness or soul is an integral part of the universe, this soul was captured by the birth of the soul. There is only one ray or vibration in the body, like death, micro tubules lose their quantum state, but the experiences inside it are not lost. The soul only leaves the body and merges in the universe. Harmful says that the heart can stop working, blood flow stops, micro tubules lose their quantum state, but the quantity information present there is not destroyed. They are distributed and dissolved in a broad universe. If the patient is unable to cure and he dies, then the quantum information is pervaded outside the body. Religion tradition calls for this experience to be out of body and to wait for appropriate conditions with memory and rituals. In other words, the soul is preparing to reborn.


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