Sadhak Anshit – Description Of Sadhak(Seeker)

Spiritual Guru

If you are a seeker, it does not take long for a moment. If there is no seeker, then there is no way of knowledge. Thirsty, then got water – will it have to ask somebody else? Thirst will become an enlightenment only. Only the fulfillment of the throat will be the proof.

But if there is no thirst, the lake of water is full and your throat should not be known, then water can not be detected. Water is identified with thirst, not by the definitions written in the scriptures.

If the seeker is any – what does the seeker mean? The seeker means that he is the seeker, the aspirant, full of hope. The seeker means that he is thirsty for the truth.

Ninety-nine seekers in hundred seekers do not, yet they descend into the world of instruments. There is a whole confusion about it.

You have not been thirsty and somebody who has known thirst, has known the pain of thirst and then has seen the fulfillment of drinking water; You talked about your fulfillment: You are affected by talk. Greed is also in your mind. You also thought, that such happiness can be found by us, such gratification may also be found by us. You have forgotten that no happiness is possible without the satisfaction of thirst.

The person who has known the fulfillment is due to the pain of thirst. The deeper the pain is, the deeper it is. Satiety The lesser the poison is, the pain is as much as the mustache. There is no pain, and if you drink water released by greed, then there is no thirst for you. How will you recognize that there are water?

According to the definitions of scripture, if there is water, there will always be doubt. Because there is no proof in itself. You have not had any infection with water. Your life is not connected with the waterfall. You are away from far away! And if you drink water, without thirst and the right water, even then happiness will not be available. It may also be inverted. That there is a desire for vomiting, it vomits.

If you are not thirsty, it is dangerous to drink water. If you are not hungry, then having food can cost dearly. If you do not want the truth, then meeting the master can be dangerous.

Ninety-nine of the hundred people are eager for greed. Upanishads sing the song. Dadu, Kabir discusses that supreme happiness. In the centuries and centuries, Meera and Nanak, Chaitanya is the dance. His dance touches you. The sound of their song falls into your ears. Seeing them, your heart starts greedy. You too would like to be like this

Whose mind does not go to Buddha, that such peace can be found by us too! But you know the unrest, which Buddha knew? The same unrest will become the gate of your peace. Did you suffer that pain, which Buddha did? You have gone through that path – Kantakarna – where Buddha passed? So, those who are dancing on the floor, because of all the sorrows of the path,

You reach the floor directly; You have no idea of the route. If the floor is found, then it does not seem to be found. And the doubt will remain.

Therefore, do not ask, How did the seeker meet, how can it be known to its seeker, how to recognize? Leave the worried Sadguru. First of all, do you think that you are a seeker? First of all, do you know that you are a seeker?

If you are a seeker, then as soon as you get the guru, prana will be added; The wire will get. No need to tell anyone. If light comes, will someone come to tell you, then you will realize that it is not dark, it is light? If the blind eye opens, then the blind will have to tell others, that now your eye has opened, now you can see see. The eye opened, the blind saw to see. The light came that the identification was detected, there is automatic proof.

Meeting of Sadguru is also an automatic proof. Otherwise, in the end you will ask questions, how will it be known if you get divine, how will it be that it is divine? There is no need.

When you have pain in your head, then you recognize pain. And when the pain goes away, you still recognize that now everything has been alright – healthy. Both of you recognize When life is in pain, you still recognize it; Even when life is satisfied, still recognize it.

No, there is no scripture of ignorance. No need.
But forgetting happens in the first place. Due to greed, many people enter into meditation. And if they are not entered because of greed, then they enter because of fear. That’s the only thing. Greed and fear are two aspects of the same coin. Someone is praying for the divine that is scared, is scared, afraid. Someone is praying that there is lobbying. But there are two aspects of the same coin. There is no seeker in both. The meaning of the seeker is that, knowing from the experience of life, that life is useless. Passing through life, recognize that there is no essence. Nothing seemed to be ashes except hand. See all the experiences of life and find it empty; Water bubbles were proven. When all the life becomes ashes, whatever you could wish, whatever you could ask, whatever your desires were, all wasted, all the rainbows are broken, the ruins remain, the life of that – the sensation The search begins in the moment, What is the truth then? All life is so dreamed Not only the dream, but the sadness has gone; What is the truth now?

When you fill such an excitement, then the master will not have to recognize. By listening to the voice of the Guru’s feet, your heart’s hinge will ring. The gates of eternity will open forever in the eyes of the master. The touch of the master will dance to you. One of his words – and inside you will sound like the sound of such a voice, which you never knew. You will be supplied with a new pulse, a new music and a new life.

No, no need to be identified. You will not ask. And the whole world also says that even if this person is not a Satguru then nobody will make any difference to you. Your heart knows. And identity of the heart is the only identity.

So first you have to search, that is the seeker? If there is forgiveness then I will tell you all the scriptures also, that the master will not be able to recognize this kind of thing.

Because there are as many gurus as are of the same type. No definition can come in handy. Mahavira is of his own way, Buddha is in his way, Krishna has his own way of thinking, Christ, of his own way, Muhammad. All are unique. If you make any definition, then it will be formed on the basis of a single master. And that master is not going to be born again. Therefore, no master will ever sit in your definition.

The master who will be born will not sit in your definition. And the one you are taking with the definition, it is not born again. There are some Buddha again! Mahavir is again somewhere! Drama is one thing, it is very difficult to be Mahavira again. Acting and talking. Do not talk about Ramlila, it is very difficult to be a Ram.

If you take the definition of someone, then you will be in trouble because the fulfillment of that definition will not come again. He has come and gone. And when he came, you could not recognize because then you were sitting for a second old definition.

When Mahavira was present, then you had the definition of Krishna. Mahaveer sat absolutely not in that definition Hindu texts did not mention Mahavira. Such a glorified man was born and the great religion of this country, the majority of the country’s scriptures do not even mention it. What would have happened Do not take Mahavira’s name once. Leave the side, not even in the opposition. Do not praise, at least slander!

No, they did not pay too much attention. This man is not sitting in the definition. The definition of God was theirs. He had seen Krishna bequeathed him, this man stood naked. It did not match anywhere. He saw Krishna playing flute. If this man had a flute, then it was so invisible, that no one was visible. This man had no flute, this man has not come anywhere in his language. All the old signs, the criterion could not be ascertained. Then Mahavir missed.

The few people who understood Mahavira, who had thirst, those who knew, who agreed to recognize without definition, were those people, whose thirst was there. Now they have made another definition. Now their followers are carrying out that definition. Now there is a lot of consternation. If they see me sitting on this chair, there is hindrance. Mahabir never sat on the chair. This guy is wrong. Look dressed, difficult Because Mahavira was nude. Digambaratta is the symptom.

Right now I can recognize people who have thirst. And the danger will be the same with them, that after my departure, they will make a definition, which will confuse others because no one comes again.

Please understand my point. As long as you make definition, man goes. When your definition becomes ready and becomes absolutely sure, then that person is not born again. This is all irony of religion. So please do not you, do not ask definitions. Ask thirsty. Your thirsty patrol

If you are not thirsty, leave the talk of religion. Right now the moment of religion has not come. Just a little bit more Just a little more grief Just let the misery hurt you. Now the pain will nurture you more. Do not rush right now. Stay in the market right now. Just put the bench back towards the temple. For as long as you do not get filled with pain properly, come to the temple millions of times, you will not be able to come. Every time empty hands come back, empty hands will return.

The temple will come on the same day, on the day the market is back. You know that everything is useless. On that day you will be sitting in the market, the temple surrounds you. On that day you will not have to go searching for a guru, he will knock on your door and knock. Test your thirst

But it’s great fun, people do not raise the question of thirst; Ask, what is the test of the master? You take your exam You have enough of your exams; Do not go beyond that. What is the purpose for you from a Sadguru? You recognize your thirst If you are thirsty, then you will have to search for water – you will have to do it – in the desert man also finds water, thirst should be there.

If there is no thirst, then he is sitting on the banks of the lake. Water does not appear Water can be seen only by water! The inner thirst is seen as it is.

Ever went to the market by fasting? On that day, the shops of clothing are not seen, gold and silver shops are not visible, just the restaurants, hotels! Go to the market by fasting, smells of food from all sides, which have never been known before. Food is visible on all sides. He was becoming even before, but then you were not hungry.

Hungry can see food.

Thirsty water is visible.

The seeker is seen to be a Sadguru.

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