Sadhak Anshit explains About Life & Humans Inner Energy


Life is energy, fast, power. Prana is the basis and essence of all life; It is energy and fast, which prevails in the whole world. Prana flows in everything that exists.

Even more, Prana is the interaction between the physical world, consciousness and mind. This makes life possible at the physical level. Prana regulates all body functions, for example breathing, supply of oxygen, digestion, expulsion-exclusion and more. The work of the human body is like a transformer, which receives energy from the life-giving prana, allocates this energy and then eliminates it. If there is a healthy, organized vibration in a person or room, then we say “there is a good life here”. On the contrary, morbidity obstructs or prevents the flow of prana. As soon as we develop the ability to control life, we achieve the health and coordination of both body and mind. Along with this, there is also the experience of expansion of consciousness with long and continuous practice.

Prana is divided into ten main functions: –

  1. Five lives : Prana, Apan, Vyan, Udana and similar.
  2. Five Sub-Pran : Nag, Kurma, Devadatta, Karkala and Dhananjay

Five lives


Prana is the special task of the universe-prana, which supplies essential body oxygen to the human body. Its energy flows from the nostrils to the heart level.

Clean air is essential for health, but there is no reason to be healthy only on the basis of air. Some people become sick, though they remain very clean in the air. On the contrary, there are also individuals who are comparatively poor living in suburbs or in the air in the air, but are still healthy. Our health is not affected by external factors only. Health is disciplined by our internal state, resistive power and internal desire – “self-realization” – internal strength. When ‘self-realization’ is strengthened from inside, then external forces sometimes cause harm to us. The practice of “yoga in daily life” reinforces our vital power. Certain exercise methods activate special life force; these are ligature, pulse-relief and Ujjayi – pranayama.


Apan Prana affects the lower part of the body, from the navel to the soles of the feet. This life regulates the removal process. Diseases that affect the lower part of the stomach – intestines, kidneys, urinary tract, legs etc. – all are the result of the state of selflessness. Nauya, Agnisar-Kriya, Ashwani Mudra and original-bonded methods work to consolidate and purify their lives.


Vyana Prana flows through the pulse path of the human body. The effect is on the whole body and in particular in the nadis. Due to decrease in Vyana-Prana, there is a decrease in blood flow, failure of pulse transmission and neural motion-inferiority.

Vyana Prana is strong and active with the practice of Kumbha (the collection of breath). With every comfortable, stressful breathing we take, there is an automatic stop in between every supplement and laxative. With the practice of pranayama, this stoppage is done long. When we stop breathing, then we consume energy in the body, which results in pressure-generating. The effects of this pressure open the obstacles of energy. Kumbak encourages the pulse-control system. The person who has learned to add Kumbak and Maha-Bandha methods, he gets a full knowledge of the pleasant wave of peace that flows in the body. This is the reason to get good meditation after this practice. With this increased vitality of Vyan Prana, this feeling arises in the whole body.

Several times a day, heavy breathing exercises are performed to:

  • Make a deep complement and laxative once.
  • Then complement it. Hold the breath as long as possible (count to 20, 30)
  • Pretend and stop breathing for a while
  • Repeat this exercise 4-5 times.

The advantage of this simple breathing exercise is quickly seen and our natives are truly grateful.


Udana Prana is the high ascending energy, which flows from the heart to the head and the brain. Udayan Prana Kundalini Shakti becomes awake when she is awake. With the help of Udana Prana, the celestial body (body) separates itself from the physical body. A strong lifting prana facilitates the stage of death.

With the control of Udana Prana, the body gets very light and the person has the ability to get up in the air. When Udana Prana is in our control, external obstacles like water, land or stone can not obstruct us. Deep breathing exercises of yoga breathing exercises also give the possibility of walking on the water and can create the state of swimming in the sky. The fakirs who sit or lie on the bed of nails, have the power to control their lifelong life. Yogis who live in forests and are not affected by heat, colds, thorns and insects, Udana is protected from the control of prana. Ujjayee pranayama, delusional pranayama and the practice of the opposite karani mudan prana activates.

Delusory pranayama method

  • Close the ears with fingers and supplement. While leeking from the nose, echoes like a bumblebee (the face will remain closed).
  • After 5-7 breaths, sit firmly and breathe normal while keeping the ears closed. Integrate the mind on your inner light and listen to the internal sound.
  • This exercise will calm the nadis and thoughts, increase the concentration and take you in contact with your self (soul).


There is a very important life, which connects two main chakras – Anahata and Manipur chakras.

The same prana delivers the energy of the diet to the whole body. We must be careful that food does not affect our physical body, but also affects our brain (mind) and consciousness. The quality of life (all kinds of prana) is directly related to the quality of our food. Pure, satvic, vegetarian diet and practice of pranayama will provide a healthy and balanced body for life.

The same prana has an effect on the Manipur chakra, whose equal principle is fire. When the yogi control the same life, then there is pure flame inside them. Those who have completed the same life are illuminated by the halo, which also appears to them, in which there is no ability to see the hall.

This life is reinforced by the practice of Agniar Kriya and Nauli. The practice of these two actions protects digestive problems and diabetes. By removing the causes of gastaragani, these actions awaken the whole body and clean and clean. It also improves transit disease and the ability to resist cancer.

The most effective method of awakening the same life is Kriya Yoga. The practice of Kriya Yoga warms the whole body. It happens due to the same life being awakened. A highly conscious person can see the halo of another action candidate becoming more shiny and stronger with each cycle of practice.

Five sub-soul

Five Sub-Pranas regulate the vital functions of the human body.


It removes obstacles arising between prana and apan and prevents the formation of vat (gas) in the digestive system. Continuous blocking of the Dakar can cause heart failure. Other actions include the prevention of mitla due to indigestion and the solution of the same life-threatening obstructions.

Quill – drip

This sub-prana is the action in the field of eyes, which controls the opening and closing of the eyelids. The energy of this sub-life is activated, when we are awake and this power recovers when we sleep. Curuma prevents dust and other unwanted items from entering the eyes. In this sub-prana, the uncontrolled blinking and stretch of the eyelids is created due to disturbances. Like accent, the practice of constricting also results in balance and strength in kurma, keeping the heated palms on the eyes and from the rugs in which the head is bowed forward.

Devadatta (yawning)

Devadatta Kriya is similar to the same Pran Kriya. Yawning exits the gas, removes fatigue after meals. Special food items such as cereals, onions and garlic produce fatigue. Many yogis take only vegetables, vegetables and some milk products, which will keep their life force and do not come to procrastination.

Artificial – Sneezing

Removes obstructions in the respiratory system. Sneezing can rest in headache, because it facilitates the removal of obstructions of energy flows in the head and neck. The sneeze should not be suppressed, because it can affect the vertebra in the cervical spine. It is said in folk tales that who who sneezes strongly and strongly, he is alive for a long time. The weak sneeze shows weak energy.

Dhananjaya – opening and closing of heart valves

Dhananjaya is located near the heart. It affects the entire body and especially the heart muscles – opening and opening the valves of the heart. Cardiovascular arthritis and cardiac arrhythmia can also be caused by a serious disturbance to Dhananjay.

There are 4 zones in the human body, where the flow of life is particularly intense – through the arms of both legs and palms of both hands. The feet have the closest connection to the Earth element and they represent the negative pole. Therefore, the mind should never concentrate on the feet (steps) in meditation. On the contrary, the energy of palms emerges from the heart. It is related to air element and produces positive polarity.

One such exercise is through which we can clearly understand the prana in our hands.

Spread arms to the outside of the body, in which the palms facing towards the front. Keep the arms straight and turn them in front of the body in the abdominal circle, gradually move the palms in front of each other. Be completely stressless, gradually reduce the distance between hands. As soon as the palms will come near, you will find sensation increases in your hands, or you will feel the pin or needles in the palms. Bring the palms closer so that the distance between them remains only one centimeter. Now, since this energy flows in the form of stream in your hands, it is such an experience as if both hands are actually pulling each other towards themselves. This is due to prana. If you differentiate your hands again, you will feel the pressure behind the hands, which creates the opposite effect. This is also prana, because prana is flowing smoothly in the whole body.

Prana is flowing through the body through the nervous system. There are 72,000 nadis in the human body, mainly of these three nadis have special significance: –

  • Ida , ‘Chandra system’, is related to the left nostril (nostril) and is an allusionary nervous system.
  • Pingala , ‘Sun system’, it is related to right nasal rhinoceros and is a sympathetic nervous system.
  • Sushumna , ‘central pulse’, it passes through the spinal cord and is related to central pulse.

Ida and Pingala Nadis are streamlined with the practice of rugs and systems, and all 72,000 nadis have a pure, firm and equitable effect on energy flow. The practice of pranayama and meditation increases energy flow in the Sushumna pulse. When the spiritual energy flows into the Sushumna, the special center of the brain and the cycle becomes active, which develops and expands our consciousness to the higher spiritual level.

Prana itself is pure and unbiased, just as the water stream of a river is clear and clean. In its path the river receives many objects, which change the degree of water. The same happens with prana too. Prana is pure and clean flowing in the body, but how it is done depends on the person – its lifestyle, its internal qualities and emotions, the type of food that the eclipse and the environment and companions with which he lives. The quality of life which is disturbed by individuals, affects both the surrounding environment and the individual.

Blood level of existing vitality and its fund determines the position of the human body.

The more funds become inactive, the more the person gets weak and soon begins to go towards old age. When the flow of life is limited, the result is the same. The flow of life is influenced by those anxieties that we generate ourselves. The more we grieve or depressed, the flow of life will be as weak, which will cause us to become diseased and the process of getting older starts moving fast. On the other hand, they are those who propagate the balance of life and the energy of life, and increasing their power also attracts human beings. Therefore, we should always disseminate meaningful life.

The life that we propagate (our ‘vibrations’ or ‘Prabhava Mandal’), it makes others understand clearly. The type of Prabha Mandal is dependent on the purity of our thoughts and feelings, as well as our physical life style and the physical condition of health. Mental disturbance, internal stress and disease are clearly visible in the causal system, such that the systematic balance of body, mind and spirit is seen.

It is specially beneficial for others and also creates meaningful, trustworthy, trusting and good thoughts in self. Overall, prohibitive, suicidal and malicious thoughts are the most harmful for us. Such mentality is poisoning itself. That is why Yoga’s aspirations keep their thoughts and feelings always pure and meaningful. The practice of meditation and mantra keeps pure life and pranayama practice enhances the ability to store prana.

When the soul leaves the body and dies, life energy also emerges from the body. It is our destiny to die one day, but we always forget this fact. When we die, we leave all things behind – our bodies, worldly possessions, friends and enemies too. So where is the meaning of life? The purpose of life is to recognize reality. This reality is the divine power (spirit) within us. This is what we search in meditation, when we ask ourselves: ‘Who am I?’ When we recognize ourselves, we have experienced self (soul).

To achieve this, physical exercise and breathing methods are very rare. The whole life must be inspired for this goodness. When we will be free from hatred, greed, anger, hatred, jealousy, desires and dependencies and understand love, orderliness and environment, will remain with us, all our problems will be solved. When continual practice and meaningful path of life are found in one way that they become one, then our effort becomes effective and successful.

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