Maintaining a work-life balance isn’t an easy task today. Most people find it hard and struggle to strike a healthy work-life balance because the lines are more blurred. We are connected 24/7 today. Connected to the internet at all times, creates havoc when it comes to striking a balance between profession and home. While striving to achieve work-life balance; a working women’s struggle to balance family and work is even harder to achieve.

Let’s find out how hard + smart work and bring about the much-needed harmony in our chaotic lives.

How to Enhance Work-Life Balance?

It’s extremely important to set up boundaries. The idea is to use technology to your advantage. So, switch off your phone/internet/social media when not required

It’s okay to refuse sometimes. But do it in a friendly way

Work is indeed worship but taking small breaks to recharge yourself makes you more productive

We live in a competent world. So, compete with yourself not others

Learn to live within imperfections now and then

Be forgiving of yourself and others occasionally

Ease up, on yourself and people around you. It’s all about working smartly and keeping a dynamic mindset and going with the flow. Sometimes scheduled things might not happen the way you planned. But as long as it is done don’t fret and complain.

Too many choices or options in life don’t necessarily make us happy. When you get to do what you want thank the higher reality and when you sometimes don’t get your choice be grateful that higher force is in action.

Smile and laugh more. Learn every day. For example- watch the pressure cooker on the heat stove yet whistles!

Time is always ticking so it’s important to adopt discipline in your everyday lives. Learn to manage your time and the balance will come automatically. The only way to know your work-life balance 100% is to try out a few things. Trial and error is part and parcel of life. Creating this balance is a continuous process.

Be a little mindful throughout the day and observe the activities that take most of your time and manage your time accordingly. It’s always important to remember we are not machines or robots, and we function a little differently and plan accordingly. You might not have time every day to simply sit and “be”, but do your best to give yourself a lunch break.

Yoga for working women helps to increase productivity, enthusiasm and energy levels. It’s important to invest time for yourself! You have to find ways to rejuvenate and energize yourself. Here is our recommendation for you – it is called YOGA REST.

Yoga Asanas are the most gentle form of exercise and one of the best ways to stretch your muscles to improve your flexibility and relieve stress. All Asana’s help, especially, Talasana, Trikonasana, Parvatasana, Halasansa, Sarvangasana and Pavanmuktasana

Being mindfully aware is also yoga. Time management is crucial to arrange your schedule each day

Guided Meditation is one of the best ways to attract more positivity & heal your heart and mind. When you practice for fifteen minutes, every day it truly transforms the way you think, work and organize your day.

Bhava or attitude makes all the difference. Asana’s or even daily chores, when done with right bhava, can help to attain the muchneeded rest and improve relationships. Practice some the Institute techniques of Anityabhava and Nishpandabhava and feel all the difference.

It’s good to look at yourself in the mirror each day and respect your body & feminity. Instead of regretting what’s pending, remember all the positive things that happened through the day.

When you creatively expression yourself, you unwind in a way that is very beneficial. Simply pick up a creative hobby, learn a new musical instrument, write an article, paint a picture, etc.

When you smile, the world indeed smiles back at you. In fact smiling can make you look and feel younger.

Take a break- You have earned it for yourself!

So sweat a little more, fret a little less and rest a little more.

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